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DisqusSharp is a C# implementation of version 1.1 of Disqus API.

Operations implemented include:

* get_user_name — Validate API key and get username
* get_forum_api_key — Get forum API key for a specific forum
* get_forum_list — Get a list of websites that user owns or moderates
* get_forum_posts — Get a list of comments on a website
* get_num_posts — Count a number of comments in articles
* get_categories_list — Get a list of categories on a website
* get_thread_list — Get a list of threads on a website
* get_updated_threads — Get a list of threads with new comments
* get_thread_posts — Get a list of comments in a thread
* thread_by_identifier — Get a thread by identifier
* get_thread_by_url — Get a thread by URL
* update_thread — Edit thread settings
* create_post — Create a comment
* moderate_post — Delete a comment or mark it as spam (or not spam)
* get_recent_forums_comments — Get recent comments from all forums associated with a partner account
* get_user_comments — Get a list of user comments
* get_user_info — Get basic information about a user
* get_most_commented_threads — Get a list of most commented threads
* get_threads_by_identifiers — Get a list of threads by their identifiers

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