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No longer supported in newer disqus api?

first post: boomhauer wrote: Looks like this library is outdated and doesnt support the newer ap...

latest post: wwb wrote: Hi Boomhaur -- my general line for making a specific plan to update...

How to create a simple POC using DisqusSharp?

first post: ashuthinks wrote: Hi, I have downloaded and install all dll's (DisqusSharp). But a...

latest post: ashuthinks wrote: Thanks a lot wwb this will be useful :)

Any more work being done on this project?

first post: drewid wrote: It mentions a long time ago trying to redo with the current api. A...

latest post: wwb wrote: I'm really not aware of any and I can't share the project we built ...

Unable to run source

first post: akrosoft wrote: Hi,I am unable to run source version in VS2010. I am getting an err...

latest post: akrosoft wrote: Thanks .....I tried this on third computer and it builds finally. ...

Windows Phone 7 Version

first post: scottisafool wrote: Any future plans of doing a Windows Phone 7 build of this wrapper?

latest post: NickHeiner wrote: I would be interested in a version that works on wp7.

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